Epoxy coating powders
SolEpoxy introduces OP50-2 for next-generation optoelectronics encapsulation  Posted On 6/6/2020
OP50-2 offers unique features:
  • MSL1-capable clear mold compound
  • 40% less water absorption than industry standard
  • 40% lower CTE than OP7000
SolEpoxy introduces DK52 Orange epoxy insulation for electric vehicles  Posted On 5/5/2020
DK52 ORANGE offers unique features:
  • Extremely high dielectric strength
  • Flexible when cured
  • Impermeable to water and durable against automotive fluids
DK7-20H and DK15EG-05: Best affordability and productivity  Posted On 06/07/2018
The auto industry is hyper-competitive, pushing their factories for maximum productivity while pushing their suppliers for lower prices. SolEpoxy rose to this challenge with two of the world's most productive and affordable motor armature coating powders.
DK7-20H: The most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market  Posted On 16/05/2018
DK7-20H is our new, most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market today.
  • 12% more armatures per hour when run side-by-side on electrostatic fluid bed coating lines.
  • A Thermal Index of 186oC, higher than the competition and comfortably above 180oC for Class H.
  • Floor life greater than 3 months at 23oC; Storage life greater than 18 months at 10oC.

SolEpoxy coating powder technology 
SolEpoxy produces a range of fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings that provide environmental protection and electrical insulation in many power electrical applications.
Advantages of Epoxy Coating Powder over Mylar Sleeves  Posted On March 7th, 2016
Low & medium voltage busbars can be electrical insulated using either mylar sleeves or epoxy coating powder. Epoxy coating powder provides the following benefits over mylar:
  • It costs less than plastic per linear foot/meter
  • Epoxy has higher operating temperature
  • Epoxy can be used on Odd Shaped Parts