Company News
SolEpoxy introduces OP50-2 for next-generation optoelectronics encapsulation  Posted On 6/6/2020
OP50-2 offers unique features:
  • MSL1-capable clear mold compound
  • 40% less water absorption than industry standard
  • 40% lower CTE than OP7000
MCL-IM20: Injection molding equipment cleaning material  Posted On 06/27/2019
SolEpoxy™ MCL-IM20 cleaning material is a non-reacting, epoxy-based material suitable for purging injection barrels, screws, and nozzles of injection molding equipment.
Team SolEpoxy rises to the Corporate Challenge 
Team SolEpoxy rallied to compete in the sixth annual Southern Tier Corporate Challenge Run/Walk and to set a new benchmark in the Olean Food Pantry Corporate Challenge for giving.
Innovation in Olean  Posted On 2/22/2016
SolEpoxy is restoring the "sol" of Hysol in Olean
  • Restoring the Hysol tradition
  • Focused on technology and customer service
  • New products, better processes, and a few new faces