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Applications for Molding Compounds
Aluminum Housed Resistors 
  • Maximizes pulse handling capability
  • The aluminum housing provides for superior heat conduction
  • Resistance to very tough environmental conditions.
Automotive Sensors & Stators 
  • Parts are often made of copper and nylon
  • Requires >1000 thermal cycles from -40C to 195C
  • Are regularly in contact with typical automotive fluids
Solenoid Valves 
  • Strong and tough with excellent thermal cycle / thermal shock performance
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Excellent color stability at operating temperatures
High Current Thermal Fuse 
  • Strength after Thermally conductive > 2.7W/mK
  • Tg must be higher than 135C
  • CTE must be less than 20 ppm
Large Bushing and High Voltage Applications 
  • Epoxy Molding Compounds must have good high temperature stability
  • They must maintains color stability at high operating temperatures
  • SolEpoxy materials are proven compounds and have been used to make millions of bushings, and in some cases, requiring up to 5 kgs of material for a single mold shot
Surface Mount Capacitors 
  • Fast cure for high throughput
  • New materials are developed without halogens
  • CTE should be between 20-22ppm