DK18-0955 is best price-to-performance epoxy coating powder for Class 3 ceramic and film wrap capacitors 
DK18-0955 offers the best price-to-performance for class 3 ceramic and film wrap capacitors. DK18-0955 has excellent pickup and curing at temperatures as low as 110C, making it excellent also for other temperature sensitive devices.
DK18-2100 Class 1 capable epoxy coating powder for automotive power ceramic capacitors and varistors 
DK18-2100 is a high-performance epoxy coating powder developed for Class 1 power capacitors and varistors, which are physically large high power and high voltage devices. On internal tests, DK18-2100 has passed the AEC-Q200 automotive stress test for thermal cycles, meaning that it has endured over 1000 cycles from -55C to +125C without a single crack.
Team SolEpoxy rises to the Corporate Challenge 
Team SolEpoxy rallied to compete in the sixth annual Southern Tier Corporate Challenge Run/Walk and to set a new benchmark in the Olean Food Pantry Corporate Challenge for giving.
Innovation in Olean 
SolEpoxy is restoring the "sol" of Hysol in Olean
  • Restoring the Hysol tradition
  • Focused on technology and customer service
  • New products, better processes, and a few new faces