Analytical Laboratory 
The Analytical Laboratory supports the Product Development Laboratories and assists with the resolution of customer problem solving issues.We do Product Development Support,Support of Customer Issues, Product Testing and Raw Material Testing.
OL10-1 High refractive index liquid encapsulant for optoelectronic devices 
  • Outstanding resistance to yellowing after heat aging up to 105C
  • Suitable for through-hole, SMT, and MAP style packages
  • Can be used to replace expensive bandpass filters
OP1000 Heat and UV-resistant, optically clear molding compound for RBG devices and backlighting 
  • Resists yellowing up to 125C for thousands of hours
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) > 135C
  • Diffused, colored and light filtering versions
MH6-0504 Very tough, high thermal shock epoxy mold compound for solenoids, coil bobbins, and transformers 
MH6-0504 is very tough epoxy mold compound with excellent thermal shock and thermal cycle resistance.
MG33F-0520 Fast Cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound for tantalum capacitors and reed relays 
MG33F-0520 is a fast cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound with excellent adhesion to copper substrates, used on high temperature applications requiring low stress and high thermal conductivity.
Epoxy Insulating Coating Powders 
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, including motor oil, fuel, etc.
  • Low coating thickness required to achieve maximum performance
  • Capability to provide a range of thermal conductivity
Durable Dielectric Molding Compounds 
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation
  • High Strength
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
Optically Clear Encapsulants 
  • Excellent color stability and resistance to yellowing
  • Outstanding thermal shock durability
  • Superior moisture resistance
Formulated Liquids 
  • Unique Chemistries
  • Custom formulations
  • Room temperature and frozen formulations
Busbar Coating, Switchgear Equipment and High Voltage Fuses 
  • Low voltage (600V) and medium voltage (up to 38kV) busbar coating
  • Economical formulations enable flexible, one-powder, low & medium voltage manufacturing solutions
  • UL-listed products with high RTI rating

Slot Insulation of Motor Iron Armatures and Stators 
  • Class F-rated epoxy coating powders
  • Superior edge coverage and dielectric strength
  • High productivity and long shelf-life stability
Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores 
  • Low moisture absorbing materials for stable inductance values
  • UL-listed products
  • Spray coatable and electrolytic sprayable coating powders
Aluminum Housed Resistors 
  • Maximizes pulse handling capability
  • The aluminum housing provides for superior heat conduction
  • Resistance to very tough environmental conditions.
Automotive Sensors & Stators 
  • Parts are often made of copper and nylon
  • Requires >1000 thermal cycles from -40C to 195C
  • Are regularly in contact with typical automotive fluids
Solenoid Valves 
  • Strong and tough with excellent thermal cycle / thermal shock performance
  • Excellent high temperature stability
  • Excellent color stability at operating temperatures
High Current Thermal Fuse 
  • Strength after Thermally conductive > 2.7W/mK
  • Tg must be higher than 135C
  • CTE must be less than 20 ppm
Large Bushing and High Voltage Applications 
  • Epoxy Molding Compounds must have good high temperature stability
  • They must maintains color stability at high operating temperatures
  • SolEpoxy materials are proven compounds and have been used to make millions of bushings, and in some cases, requiring up to 5 kgs of material for a single mold shot
Surface Mount Capacitors 
  • Fast cure for high throughput
  • New materials are developed without halogens
  • CTE should be between 20-22ppm
System in Package Encapsulation 
  • Thermal conductivity: ≥ 2.5 W/m∙K
  • Glass Transition Temperature (Tg) must be higher than 135C
  • CTE must be lower than 20ppm/C
Data transmission sensor 
  • High adhesion to NiPdAu and Ag lead frames
  • High transmission of wavelengths between 400-1050nm
  • Low moisture absorption for high MSL performance