Epoxy with light filter technology to replace traditional but expensive bandpass filters 
Optical Filters are used to transmit a preselected-portion of the light spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths. So why would you want to do that? There are a many applications that use this technology including proximity and gesture sensors, data transmitters, feedback lasers and optical instruments.
Clear Epoxy-Hybrid Liquid An Alternative to Silicone 
Epoxy can be a great alternative to silicone in lighting applications but up until now, most designers preferred silicone for its anti-yellowing durability.

SolEpoxy has developed OL10-1 which is a clear, epoxy-hybrid featuring the best anti-yellowing chemistry of any liquid epoxy on the market today. Testing by SolEpoxy and our lead users proves that OL10-1 is the clear encapsulant of choice for LED junction temperatures (Tj) up to 105C.
SolEpoxy OL-Series: Rapid-prototyping; Easy scale-up. 
SolEpoxy OL10-1 offers rapid prototyping by:
  • Testing out various configurations in liquid form
  • Prototyping with a liquid with the same optical properties as a clear mold compound for low-volume production
  • Scale up with a clear mold compound that has superior resistance to yellowing.
MH7-1: Strong like steel; Insulates like epoxy. 
MH7-1 combines the best of three worlds:
  • The homogeneous strength of steel
  • The light-weight of fiberglass
  • The insulating power of epoxy
MH7-1 is a fine, homogeneous molding compound that yields isotropic strength through both compression molding and transfer molding. It is capable of filling complex mold shapes and encapsulating small electronic components.
Class H Powder for motor iron 
  • Improves Reliability: Class H insulation powder insures improved reliability with higher temperatures.
  • Extends the motor lifetime.
  • Reduce costs: Class H insulation powder reduces life cycle costs by being a energy resource conservation.
DK15-0907 is the only powder you need for low and medium voltage busbars 
No more need to mess with multiple epoxy coating powders for both your low power and mid power busbar coating jobs.
  • One powder can be used for 600V and 38kV busbars
  • Works equally well on aluminum and copper busbars
  • Smooth finish with no sagging - especially important for medium voltage
Advantages of Epoxy Coating Powder over Mylar Sleeves 
Low & medium voltage busbars can be electrical insulated using either mylar sleeves or epoxy coating powder. Epoxy coating powder provides the following benefits over mylar:
  • It costs less than plastic per linear foot/meter
  • Epoxy has higher operating temperature
  • Epoxy can be used on Odd Shaped Parts
Clear Gray Encapsulation for High-Contrast RGB Displays 
A gray epoxy mold compound is in development for Outdoor RGB displays that:
  • Is as dark as possible for higher contrast of black-body PLCCs
  • Stays dark even after temperature exposure
  • Has excellent adhesion to PCB to meet MSL 2/2a target
SolEpoxy sets sights on TS16949 Certification 
Emphasizes defect prevention, reduction of variation & waste in supply chain
  • ISO9001 + automotive industry specific requirements
  • Ultimately improves customer satisfaction
  • Provides a distinct competitive advantage
Super white epoxy molding compound ready to sample 
High reflectivity, non-yellowing epoxy mold compound
  • Initial reflectivity greater than 92%
  • Maintains reflectivity after 1,000 hours @ 125C
  • Cost-effective alternative to silicone
LED SMT Liquid 
  • High-productivity molding compound capable of transfer molding
  • High glass transition temperature, able to withstand solder reflow temperatures
  • Low moisture absorption alleviates pressure-induced stresses
Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores 
  • Low moisture absorbing materials for stable inductance values
  • UL-listed products
  • Spray coatable and electrolytic sprayable coating powders
Analytical Laboratory 
The Analytical Laboratory supports the Product Development Laboratories and assists with the resolution of customer problem solving issues.We do Product Development Support,Support of Customer Issues, Product Testing and Raw Material Testing.
OL10-1 High refractive index liquid encapsulant for optoelectronic devices 
  • Outstanding resistance to yellowing after heat aging up to 105C
  • Suitable for through-hole, SMT, and MAP style packages
  • Can be used to replace expensive bandpass filters
OP1000 Heat and UV-resistant, optically clear molding compound for RBG devices and backlighting 
  • Resists yellowing up to 125C for thousands of hours
  • Glass transition temperature (Tg) > 135C
  • Diffused, colored and light filtering versions
MH6-0504 Very tough, high thermal shock epoxy mold compound for solenoids, coil bobbins, and transformers 
MH6-0504 is very tough epoxy mold compound with excellent thermal shock and thermal cycle resistance.
MG33F-0520 Fast Cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound for tantalum capacitors and reed relays 
MG33F-0520 is a fast cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound with excellent adhesion to copper substrates, used on high temperature applications requiring low stress and high thermal conductivity.
DK15-0907 ORANGE is the new standard for insulating electric vehicles 
Our most popular busbar powder is now offered in RAL2003/Pantone 164. Using DK15-0907 offers:
  • High productivity application process
  • Low weight, compact design
  • Durable and dependable from assembly to end of vehicle life
Fast Cooling Busbar Insulation 
Uninsulated busbars were thought to cool off faster than insulated. However, busbars coated with epoxy coating powders cool off faster than:
  • Bustube
  • Mylar
  • Bare bar when applied thin
SolEpoxy introduces DK52 Orange epoxy insulation for electric vehicles 
DK52 ORANGE offers unique features:
  • Extremely high dielectric strength
  • Flexible when cured
  • Impermeable to water and durable against automotive fluids