Epoxy Insulating Coating Powders
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SolEpoxy coating powders provide electrical insulation and environmental protection in a broad array of applications including motor iron, bus bars, toroid cores and passive devices such as capacitors and resistors.

Our epoxy powders are manufactured to strict quality standards for environmental, health, and safety compliance. Plus, they are easy to use. Powder coatings minimize VOCs and enable precise and uniform surface coverage.

Unique Characteristics

SolEpoxy innovates new products to meet changing market demands, as well as creating custom formulations to meet your needs. We also supply engineered particle sizes including extra fine grinds to top-up and restore the optimum particle size distribution in fluidized bed processes. Our powder coating products are characterized by:

  • Outstanding chemical resistance, including motor oil, fuel, etc.
  • 100% solids content (VOC-free)
  • Low coating thickness required to achieve maximum performance
  • High coating thickness (100+ mil) to achieve medium voltage protection
  • Excellent cut-through resistance
  • Excellent edge coverage
  • High service temperatures
  • Capability to provide a range of thermal conductivity
  • Both induction cure and oven cure chemistries
  • Reduced cost vs. traditional slot liners

Which product is right for you? See our coating powder selector guide.

Typical Applications

  • Electrical power distribution
  • Slot Insulation of Motor Iron Armatures and Stators
  • Alternator components
  • Electrical housings and modules
  • Ceramic, tantalum, and film capacitors
  • Busbar Coating, Switchgear Equipment and High Voltage Fuses
  • Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores
  • Epoxy Binder Resin for Pot Cores
  • Varistors /Thermistors
  • Resistors, Capacitors, Varistors and Passive Electronics


Epoxy Coating Powders Selector Guide  (10739.94 KB, application/pdf)
Epoxy Coating Powders Selector Guide
Busbar Coating, Switchgear Equipment and High Voltage Fuses 
  • Low voltage (600V) and medium voltage (up to 38kV) busbar coating
  • Economical formulations enable flexible, one-powder, low & medium voltage manufacturing solutions
  • UL-listed products with high RTI rating

Slot Insulation of Motor Iron Armatures and Stators 
  • Class H & Class F-rated epoxy coating powders
  • Superior edge coverage and dielectric strength
  • High productivity and long shelf-life stability
Resistors, Capacitors, Varistors and Passive Electronics 
  • Epoxy coating for passive components including resistors, varistors and capacitor
  • High temperature stable and excellent thermal cycling materials for ceramic capacitors
  • Fast-cure and low-temperature pickup materials for film-wrap capacitors
Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores 
  • Low moisture absorbing materials for stable inductance values
  • UL-listed products
  • Spray coatable and electrolytic sprayable coating powders
Epoxy Binder Resin for Pot Cores 
  • Excellent green strength to move parts before curing
  • Optimized particle size for optimum compression between ferrite alloy and epoxy resin
  • Low shrinkage to provide minimal magnetic interference