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SolEpoxy™ MH7-1 is an epoxy mold compound with a very high cross-link density, giving it excellent high temperature resistance and superior toughness.

MH7-1 has a CTI of 600V, giving it the highest rating of Class 0. Furthermore, it has a very high dielectric strength of 53kV/mm and under test to receive a UL-V0 and a UL RTI 746B rating class H (100,000hr lifetime operating at 180°C).

MH7-1has been tested extensively on burst strength and can withstand enormous pressures, suitable for extreme environments.

  • Reliable in the most critical environments
  • Designed applications with operating temperature >180°C
  • Extremely tough, and a dielectric strength of 53kV/mm
  • Designed for excellent adhesion and CTE matched to copper, CuSn6, and bronze
  • MH7-1 has been formulated to be extremely tough with excellent dielectric properties.
Epoxy Insulating Coating Powders 
  • Outstanding chemical resistance, including motor oil, fuel, etc.
  • Low coating thickness required to achieve maximum performance
  • Capability to provide a range of thermal conductivity
Durable Dielectric Molding Compounds 
  • Excellent Electrical Insulation
  • High Strength
  • Excellent thermal shock resistance
Optically Clear Encapsulants 
  • Excellent color stability and resistance to yellowing
  • Outstanding thermal shock durability
  • Superior moisture resistance
Formulated Liquids 
  • Unique Chemistries
  • Custom formulations
  • Room temperature and frozen formulations