Super white epoxy molding compound ready to sample
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SolEpoxy is ready to sample its super-white epoxy molding compound

After years of development and countless iterations, SolEpoxy has revealed that it is ready to sample its highly reflective, white epoxy molding compound.
Targeted for LED leadframes, this "Super White" epoxy mold compound has very high initial reflectivity and maintains this high level of reflectivity even after many thousands of hours at 125°C.
"It wasn't easy," confesses product engineer Melissa Wiegand. "The easy part was to formulate a white epoxy compound that had high initial reflectivity.  Anything we did from this base chemistry to increase adhesion, reduce warpage or otherwise improve material performance had a significant negative effect on maintaining the high reflectivity over time.  After many years of dedicated research, we finally cracked the code."
The main characteristics of the super-white epoxy mold compound are:
  • Initial reflectivity greater than 92%
  • Maintains reflectivity after 1,000 hours @ 125°C
  • Cost-effective alternative to silicone
Samples of the material can be supplied in either granular or pellet form. Contact us for a sample today!