DK15-0907 is the only powder you need for low and medium voltage busbars
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Bus bar manufacturers are moving from Mylar sleeves to epoxy coating powders because powder coating offers many benefits. SolEpoxy provides the widest range of bus bar insulation epoxy coating powder.

SolEpoxy provides the widest range of busbar insulation epoxy coating powder.
  • The greatest number of UL-rated busbar coating powders of any manufacturer
  • With outstanding adhesion to copper or aluminum bus bars
  • Protecting low voltage (<600V) and medium voltage (~38,000V) conductors
  • In hot and humid commercial and industrial applications

You'll be happy to to hear about DK15-0907, the “one-powder” solution for insulating low voltage busbar and medium voltage busbars.

Low Voltage or Medium Voltage Busbars

  • Superior dielectric strength for thin, smooth insulation of low voltage bus bars
  • Able to build to 1mm thick for uniform insulation of medium voltage bus bars

Low voltage busbars can either use a thinner coating of a high dielectric-strength material, or they can use a thicker coating of a low dielectric-strength material. DK15-0907 has very high dielectric strength of 46 kV/mm and it can be applied in a thin, uniform coating for low voltage applications.
Medium voltage busbars require high dielectric strength and a thicker coating as well. DK15-0907 addresses both of these needs. It will build to a 4mm (150mil) uniform thickness with just3-dips into a fluid bed!

Copper or Aluminum Busbars

SolEpoxy DK15-0907 epoxy coating powder for busbars can reduce the minimum busbar spacing requirement and it is equally suited for aluminum and copper busbars. In low voltage applications, DK15-0907 permits close spacing of bus bars and it could also enable the use of smaller conductors because it conducts heat better than shrink tubes.

UL Rated Busbar coating powders

SolEpoxy has a number of UL-listed busbar epoxy coating powders listed under File Number E343402 and DK15-0907 has an official UL RTI rating of 130°C. In our testing, DK15-0907 maintains over 50% of dielectric strength for more than 800 hours at 220°C! .

Ask for a sample of SolEpoxy DK15-0907 today!

SolEpoxy DK15-0907 is an industry standard material used by some of the world's largest power distribution companies. Contact us to ask for your sample today.


DK15-0907 One Powder Busbar Coating Solution  (948.98 KB, application/x-download)
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