OP7200 Clear molding compound for MAP light sensors and emitters
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OP7200 is a transparent epoxy molding compound, developed specifically for the encapsulation of optoelectronic devices in leadless surface mount Molded Array Packages (MAP), such as QFN type ambient light sensors and proximity sensors.
OP7200 is available in a wide variety of pellet sizes, including mini-pellets.
Colored and light filtering versions are also available for infrared devices and special applications.
  • Optimized for leadframe & laminate-based MAP style packages 
  • Improved adhesion for SMT reflow performance up to MSL3 
  • Resists delamination during wet sawing of array packages 
  • Excellent transmittance from 400 to 1600 nm 
  • Excellent resistance to yellowing after heat aging 
OP7200 is formulated to resist delamination during singulation of MAP devices and through SMT reflow soldering conditions.