MH7-1: Strong like steel; Insulates like epoxy.
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Breakthrough for strength and moldability.

SolEpoxy’s epoxy mold compounds are already widely known for their great insulation qualities. Now SolEpoxy introduces MH7-1 an epoxy mold compound especially designed for super high strength. Applications are possible in rugged industrial uses, automotive components, and electrical transmission equipment.

Best in class electrical insulation.
 Flexural Strength similar to that of stainless steel.

Isotropic Strength in a Transfer-moldable Epoxy Composite

Unlike other high-strength epoxy composites, MH7-1 can be compression molded or transfer molded. The reinforcement additives provide for fine dimensional tolerances while still achieving isotropic strength. This material will give scope to many new product designs. Current areas of application interest include:

  • Power boxes
  • Squirrel cage motors
  • Light fittings
  • Control units
  • Enclosures

RTI above 155˚C, ATEX Ex e rateable and UL V-2 listed

MH7-1 meets ATEX Ex e standards, which means it can be used for equipment in explosive gas areas that require increased safety protection In our labs we have tested material strength with a Relative Thermal Index (RTI) to 155˚C. Dielectric strength exceeds 20kV/mm, Comparative Tracking Index (CTI) is 600V and MH7-1 is a UL V-2 listed material.

And, because this is a transfer-moldable compound, it can be used to entirely encapsulate sensitive devices or to mold seamless parts with no chance of water, dust or contamination ingress.

Additionally, MH7-1 molds to a smooth, glossy finish so no further surface treatment for corrosion protection would be required, as is the case for metal alternatives.

The main advantages of MH7-1 against increased safety alternatives are:
  • Flexural strength similar to steel
  • Density as low as fiberglass
  • Excellent insulation
  • High IP protection through one mold production
  • RTI of 155˚C
  • No need for additional surface treatments

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