Toroids, Magnetic and Powder Cores
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Epoxy coating powders specifically tailored for toroids, magnetic cores and powder cores.

SolEpoxy supplies a range of epoxy coating powders developed for toroids, magnetic cores and powder cores. These products are low shrinkage and low moisture absorption coating powders which maintains the stability and inductance values of the toroid cores. These products are suitable for Molypermalloy (MPP), Iron, Sendust and other alloy powder cores. Most of the products offered by SolEpoxy for powder cores have a UL-listing.
To maintain stability & avoid affecting magnetic properties or inductance values, epoxy coating powders must minimize core stress by having low shrinkage and low moisture absorption.
Powder cores are coated with an (epoxy) coating to insulate and protect the core from copper wires

Key Application Considerations:

  • Magnetic property retention (inductance & loss) is critical
  • Parts are made in continuous manufacturing process
  • Reducing core stress maintains stability of inductance value
  • Parts are preheated, but NOT post-cured

Key Material Properties:

  • Low temperature, ultra-fast cure speed
  • Low shrinkage to reduce core stress
  • Low moisture absorption to reduce core stress

Available Colors:

  • Blue
  • Brown
  • Gold
  • Black