Epoxy Molding Compound with Very Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
Operating conditions found in electrical devices require low CTE mold compounds to mitigate thermal stress and improve bond strength between substrates.

SolEpoxy™MG50 is a one component fine epoxy molding compound with very low CTE that offers reduced thermal and mechanical stress while providing strength and stiffness.
Suitable for use in transfer molding, compression molding and thermoset injection molding applications. MG50 has high thermal stability, superior resistance to automotive chemicals, and very low moisture absorption, and is suitable as an over-mold for ceramic, glass, and metal. SolEpoxy™MG50 has the potential to set a new standard in durability in applications that demand dimensional stability.
SolEpoxy™MG50 is an excellent choice for application such as:
  • Electromechanical components that operate in high-temperature environments in the presence of high humidity, solvents, or other chemicals.
  • Matrix printer heads, thermal transfer print heads, and 3D printer nozzles
  • Parts requiring dimensional stability, such as connectors for fiber optics
  • Under hood applications, sensors near brake rotors, crank shafts, and transmissions 
MG50 allows for dimensional stability featuring low shrinkage, electrical insulation, reduced stress, and low moisture uptake in high temperature environments or dynamic thermocycling environments.
Whether it is to make thermally stable print heads, matching the CTE of fine ceramics, requiring a strong high temperature stable molding compound or dimensional stability with a high molding rate SolEpoxy™MG50 is for you.