For Electric Vehicle Motor Insulation, DK7-20H is the Productive Choice
DK7-20H, SolEpoxy’s popular UL 1446 Class H epoxy coating powder for slot insulation, is also specified for reinsulating copper hairpins. DK7-20H exhibits best-in-class thermal durability, thermal shock resistance, and chemical resistance in automotive fluids.

Electric Vehicles employ hairpin-wound motors because they feature greater power density and superior heat transfer. After the copper hairpin ends are welded, they must be reinsulated. Epoxy is ideal for automotive applications due to its outstanding thermal and chemical durability.
Unique Benefits of DK7-20H in hairpin coating applications:
  • Best-in-class thermal durability with a UL 1446 Class H rating and Thermal Index = 186°C

  • Outstanding durability in the presence of automotive fluids (AEC Q200)

  • Outstanding thermal shock resistance –  important for EV duty cycles

  • Rapid gel to enable highly productive manufacturing processes
For this application, DK7-20H is typically applied to pre-heated hairpin ends dipped into a fluidized bed of powder. The rapid gel characteristics of DK7-20H make it easy to optimize in high-throughput coating lines that utilize a final oven or induction curing step.