Flexible Epoxy Insulation for Electric Vehicles and Transformers
The challenge: How to insulate thin, flexible, oddly shaped busbar for the demanding automobile duty cycle.
SolEpoxy™DK7-1060 was developed specifically for semi-flexible conductors that require the performance of epoxy electrical insulation. DK7-1060 is a fusion-bonded epoxy coating powder. It outperforms shrink-fit and thermoplastic insulation, providing superior moisture resistance, thermal durability, and chemical resistance.
DK7-1060 can be applied to cold (un-preheated) substrate, and then heat cured in a tunnel oven (conventional or infrared). This process can be automated for the high piece-count requirements of the growing EV market.
Flexibility and toughness with ability to insulate thin, oddly shaped bus bar
DK7-1060 provides solutions for all EV needs:
  • Flexible when cured. In fact, bus bars coated in DK7-1060 can be bent after coating!
  • Extremely high dielectric strength.
  • Applied electrostatically to a cold substrate and oven cured
  • Impermeable to water and durable against automotive fluids, this tough material will provide great thermal durability, withstanding greater than 1,000 hours at 200°C
 Flexible when cured, can be bent after coating. Comes in Industry Standard Safety Orange
Formulated for safety, SolEpoxy™DK7-1060 comes in RAL 2003 “Safety Orange”. The NHTSA and automotive industry agree that prime conductors in electric vehicles, hybrid vehicles, and battery packs for EVs, should be Safety Orange - to warn service technicians and first responders.  
Contact us for more information about DK7-1060 and other thermoset materials such as DK15-0907 Orange, which has already been adopted by major global automakers.