DK15-0907 ORANGE is the new standard for insulating electric vehicles
Our industry-standard busbar coating powder is now available in “high voltage orange,” making it perfect to insulate conductors in EVs, and conductors in their battery packs. Our most popular busbar powder is now offered in RAL2003/Pantone164 ORANGE. As the world creates more electric vehicles, the right insulation for high voltages will be critical.
A world with cars running on batteries requires sufficient electrical insulation. Insulate up to 4800 VDC operating with just 6 mils of DK15-0907.

DK15-0907 is the world’s most widely used fusion bonded epoxy busbar insulation.

It is tough, temperature-durable, affordable, and easy to use. UL-listed with an RTI of 130°C, third-party testing demonstrates over 500 hours of insulation durability at 220°C – to protect vehicle occupants and first responders even in the worst circumstances.
Coating Powder to insulate Battery Packs
Battery packs are made safer by indicating "high voltage" with orange conductors. SolEpoxy has years of experience insulating busbars, now offered in RAL2003/Pantone 164 orange.

This coating powder is also suited to the fast pace of automotive manufacturing.

Easy to use: It cures quickly and is easy to use. Apply by fluidized bed, “hot flocking” with electrostatic spray guns, or hybrid methods. Any bar shape can be coated.

Highly Productive: DK15-0907 cures fast in oven temperatures from 150°C – for pre-plated conductors, to 220°C – for maximum line speed.

Fusion bonded epoxy is the best choice to insulate automotive power distribution hardware.

  • Low Warranty: Direct adhesion eliminates water infiltration and an unwanted conductive path.
  • Low Weight: High dielectric strength means that a little insulation goes a long way. This permits compact, weight saving design.
  • Low Hassle: DK15-0907 is tough, able to flex without cracking during battery pack assembly, and during years of field use on the world’s rough roads.
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