Epoxy Molding Compound with Very Low Coefficient of Thermal Expansion (CTE)
MG30 is a one component epoxy molding compound (EMC) designed for use in transfer molding, compression molding, and thermoset injection molding applications.

Uniquely, MG30 provides

  • A very low CTE1 of 8 ppm, a Tg of 160°C and an HDT of 215°C.
  • This combination provides dimensional stability even at elevated temperatures.
  • A hard, thermosetting, cross-linked epoxy composite that achieves a flex strength of 131 MPa.
  • A flex modulus of 25 GPa, MG30 is also machinable.

Epoxy moldings are recognized for their good chemical resistance and durability once cured, and their speedy, easy molding process.

When we benchmarked MG30 against other epoxy molding compounds, we found that it has superior resistance to automotive chemicals and it features very low moisture absorption. Therefore we feel that MG30 has the potential to set a new standard for durability in a range of harsh applications.

MG30 could provide a compatible over-mold for ceramic, glass, or metal components

These properties make the MG30 an excellent choice for applications such as
  • Electromechanical components that operate in high-temperature environments, with humidity, or in the presence of liquid chemicals.
  • Parts such as matrix printer heads, thermal transfer print heads, and 3D printer nozzles all represent potential applications. 
  • Connectors for fiber optics, where dimensional stability is needed, could also benefit from this material.
  • In the auto industry, consider MG30 for under hood applications and sensors near brake rotors and transmissions because MG30 can take the heat!
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