SolEpoxy introduces DK52 Orange epoxy insulation for electric vehicles

Futurists tell us electric vehicles will overtake combustion vehicles in the near future. Toward this future, SolEpoxy is an enabler!

DK52 ORANGE is formulated for use in electric cars, trucks, buses, boats, and even aircraft. SolEpoxy is the world leader in fusion-bonded epoxy bus bar insulation. Traditionally, bus bars move high current through large buildings like factories and skyscrapers. Today, vehicle designers are specifying light, thin bus bars to move current from battery packs to propulsion units.

In an electric vehicle, bus bars are cheaper, lighter, and easier to package than cables. The only challenge: how to insulate a thin, flexible, oddly shaped bus bar for use in the demanding automobile duty cycle?

DK52 ORANGE solves the problem with these unique features:

  1. Extremely high dielectric strength. A coating of just 175 µm will insulate 1000 volts!
  2. Flexible when cured. In fact, bus bars coated in DK52 ORANGE can be bent after coating!
  3. Impermeable to water and durable against automotive fluids – it’s made for this application!

And, it’s ORANGE. The industry and the NHTSA agree that prime conductors in electric and hybrid vehicles should be ORANGE in order to warn service technicians and first responders.

DK52 ORANGE is color formulated to match the industry standard color of "Safety Orange".

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