MCL-IM20: Injection molding equipment cleaning material

SolEpoxy™ MCL-IM20 cleaning material is a non-reacting, epoxy-based material suitable for purging injection barrels, screws, and nozzles of injection molding equipment.

It is formulated to have a melt viscosity similar to the mold compound. This allows the cleaning material to remove reactive material from the molding machine for down-time and start-up cycles, increasing productivity.

The cleaning material can be heated and cooled repeatedly without compromising the non-reactive nature of the material. 

SolEpoxy MCL-IM20 material has a neutral color to distinguish itself from the pigmented systems typically used for parts molding. It will be visually apparent as the molding compound is cleaned out during a purge cycle, and also when the cleaning material is pushed out to start molding again. 

If trace amounts of cleaning material do remain after start-up, it is compatible with the molding compound and should react in and not be detectable.


The main advantages of SolEpoxy MCL-IM20 are:

  • Highly compatible with mold compounds: Epoxy-based raw materials will not degrade mold compound properties
  • The cleaning compound will not harden or cure. It can be heated and cooled repeatedly without damaging the material.
  • Different color compared to mold compounds: the neutral color allows for a visual indication of when the pigmented mold compound is cleared from the machine for a stoppage or when the cleaning material is cleared out during a start-up.
  • Designed to have also viscosity similar to mold compounds: Similar viscosity enables the cleaning material to effectively remove EMC from the machine for clean-up and also allows the EMC to effectively clear out the purge at start-up.

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