DK7-20H and DK15EG-05: Best affordability and productivity

The auto industry is hyper-competitive, pushing their factories for maximum productivity while pushing their suppliers for lower prices. SolEpoxy rose to this challenge with two of the world’s most productive and affordable motor armature coating powders.

DK7-20H is a new Class H motor insulation epoxy with the most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market today. In side-by-side testing, DK7-20H outperformed the two leading Class H coating powders:

  • 12% more armatures per hour when run side-by-side on electrostatic fluid bed coating lines.

  • A Thermal Index of 186°C, higher than the competition and comfortably above 180°C for Class H.

  • Floor life greater than 3 months at 23°C; Storage life greater than 18 months at 10°C.

  • The most affordable Class H coating powder on the market today.

But most DC motors do not require Class H insulation. Most micro-motors operate well below 180°C and only require Class F insulation. Many manufacturers use Class H powder on all of their motors – whether needed or not, simply to avoid downtime needed to thoroughly clean and change powders in their powder coating equipment.

SolEpoxy offers a solution. DK7-20H is color-matched and chemically compatible with our most economical Class F insulation powder: DK15EG-05. And, DK15EG-05 is also solvent and gasohol resistant. It’s been used on in-tank fuel pumps for years!

We’re inviting our most cost-sensitive customers to try DK7-20H and DK15EG-05 in a single coating line. Utilize DK15EG-05 for motors requiring gasohol resistance and lower operating temperature because this is the most affordable Class F powder on the market today. Then vacuum out DK15EG-05 and load DK7-20H for those motors which require Class H insulation.

  • DK7-20H and DK15EG-05 are color-matched and chemically compatible so change-over is easy.

  • Both DK7-20H and DK15EG-05 ran faster than the competition in our side-by-side production test on electrostatic motor coating lines. These were the two most productive powders!

  • Both powders have 3-months of floor life at 23°C, and…

  • Both powders feature SolEpoxy’s proprietary catalyst technology which enables their useable life to be extended with refrigeration. At 10°C they’ll keep for a year and half!

We formulated these powders to make manufacturing and planning easy!

And, both DK7-20H and DK15EG-05 are very affordable – especially when compared to the current Class H competition. By using both powders for different motors but on the same coating line, fractional horsepower motor manufacturers can minimize their cost of coating powder and maximize the productivity of their coating lines. Contact SolEpoxy for more information, for samples and for pricing.