DK7-20H: The most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market

DK7-20H is our new, most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market today. In side-by-side testing, DK7-20H outperformed the two leading Class H coating powders:

  • 12% more armatures per hour when run side-by-side on electrostatic fluid bed coating lines.
  • A Thermal Index of 186°C, higher than the competition and comfortably above 180°C for Class H.
  • Floor life greater than 3 months at 23°C; Storage life greater than 18 months at 10°C.
  • The most affordable Class H coating powder on the market today.

    This is important because the automobile industry is hyper-competitive, pushing their factories for maximum productivity while pushing their suppliers for lower prices. DK7-20H is coming to market at a price point typical of Class F insulation because DK7-20H could be the one powder solution for all fractional horsepower motors.

    Many automotive accessory motors operate well below 180°C and only require Class F insulation but many motor manufacturers use Class H powder – whether needed or not, because they can’t afford the downtime to change powders in their electrostatic coating lines.

    SolEpoxy DK7-20H is the epoxy insulation of the future, priced for mass production today. Although most motors do not require Class H insulation now, the smaller, hi-power motors that dominate next-generation designs run hotter than today’s DC motors. DK7-20H is affordable to use on all motors and it satisfies the growing demand for Class H insulation in the most challenging applications.

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