SolEpoxy coating powder technology

SolEpoxy produces a range of fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings that provide environmental protection and electrical insulation in many power electrical applications.

These coating powders are highly engineered composite materials – part thermoset plastic and part inorganic filler formulated to yield high dielectric strength, thermal durability, physical toughness, and usability in large scale industrial processes. SolEpoxy powder coatings for power transmission gear carry UL (Underwriters Laboratories) ratings along with extensive test and durability data.

You will find SolEpoxy “DK” series powder coatings on the specifications and blueprints for medium voltage switchgear and low voltage power transmission busway produced by most of the world’s largest electrical equipment manufacturers. That’s because SolEpoxy’s predecessor, Hysol Corporation, invented this category of materials.

Today there are many choices of epoxy powder coatings but SolEpoxy continues to offer the world’s widest selection of UL rated fusion bonded insulation for electric power.

Our DK19 and DK15-0907 are suitable for medium voltage – up to 50,000 volts – the only powder coating capable for use in switch gear. These coatings protect the conductors from environmental degradation, they enhance safety and they work better than insulating sleeves or tapes because they yield an unbroken bond between the conductors and the insulation – impenetrable to moisture and airborne dust.

DK15-0907 and DK15-0463 appear on most blueprints and specifications for low voltage sandwich bus ducts. These powders are applied in factories worldwide and they have been formulated for high productivity fluid bed dipping operations.

DK50 and DK52 feature extraordinary dielectric strength in a thin coating, making these suitable for low and ultralow voltage applications such as data centers, electric cars and distributed grid applications. DK52 has the added benefit of flexibility so it is used on thin, flexible conductors and busbars that will be bent after coating.

SolEpoxy continues to invent. DK15-0984 features high thermal conductivity. Even newer formulations will push the limits of epoxy coating thermal performance and other formulations from our labs feature superior emissivity for cool operating conductors.

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