SolEpoxy presents MH20-01 for Injection molding applications up to 220C

Injection molding applications require a mold compound with low viscosity, long spiral flow, fast cure time and high hot hardness.

SolEpoxy presents MH20-01, a very tough epoxy mold compound with excellent high temperature resistance and ideal for Injection molding applications.

SolEpoxy MH20-01 is a specially formulated product designed for use in high volume molding of automotive sensors. It incorporates fiber re-enforcement to provide added dimensional strength.

MH20-01 Black has been developed for use with standard transfer molding equipment but may also lend itself for use in screw injection molding applications.

MH20-01 is UL94 V-0 and CTE matched to copper, CuSn6, and bronze.

MH20-01 main features are:

  • Low Viscosity
  • Fast Cure
  • Good Hot Hardness
  • Excellent Mold Release

SolEpoxy MH20-01 is also designed for applications that use thermoset plastics instead of thermoplastics and applications with high temperature requirements.


The low viscosity, fast cure time, high hot hardness, and excellent mold release properties of MH20-01IM make it ideal for injection molding applications.

For applications up to 220°C, MH20-01 is a proven industry performer for power resistors, switches, fuses, power modules, and other high temperature applications requiring a high glass transition temperature.

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