MH20-2000: Strong like steel, light as plastic
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Why use steel when you can use a thermoset epoxy that is as strong as steel, but light as plastic.

SolEpoxy presents MH20-2000, a very tough epoxy mold compound that has nearly the same strength as steel, but with lighter weight.

This product allows you to:

  • Build cars with better gas mileage;
  • Replace complex packages for components with a single molded part;
  • Use plastic where before you may have thought only metal would do.

Flexural strength of MH20-2000 compare to stainless steel and iron.

The main features of MH20-2000 is:

  • Moldability: Suitable for transfer, compression or injection molding, MH20-2000 provides the option to over-mold component systems or mold to net shape, thus reducing weight and package size.

And, with its high Tg, MH20-2000 is designed for higher temperature applications and it is successfully used on devices operating temperature up to 200°C.

MH20-2000 is industry-proven and currently in use to make power resistors, switches, sensors, fuses and actuators. New applications include machined, structural components.

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