SolEpoxy OP 1000 is the Standard for non-Yellowing Epoxy
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When designing a lighting environment, it’s important to know that the color will not change over time.When replacing an old lamp with a new one, it should not be obvious which unit was replaced.

SolEpoxy’s OP 1000 is the most heat-stable, UV-resistant and non-yellowing clear epoxy molding compound for LED encapsulation. OP-1000 provides color stability so your white LEDs stay white and your RGB LEDs stay red, green, and blue. Color binning will be reliable, even after thousands of hours of continuous operation.

OP-1000 is suitable for mid-power LEDs with junction temperatures to 125°C. OP1000 has been specially formulated to outperform MG-18, SolEpoxy’s original water-clear molding compound.


Typical epoxies simply can’t take the heat - these data represent extreme testing under continuous operation at 125°C. Up until now, MG18 was the standard setter.

SolEpoxy specializes in non-yellowing clear epoxy and our products are available in molding compound formulations suitable for transfer auto-molds, or in 1-part liquid molding compounds suitable for dispensing and dam-and-fill methods. The main benefits of our heat-stable, UV-resistant clear epoxy compounds are:

  • Heat resistant

    Non-yellowing after continuous heat exposure.

  • UV resistant

    Non-yellowing after UV exposure.

  • Broad-spectrum, color-stable

    Virtually 100% internal transmission from 330nm through IR.

And since these materials are epoxy, they are strong, hard, non-permeable, and non-tacky. They provide outstanding long-term protection for delicate LED chips and wires.

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