Clear Epoxy-Hybrid Liquid An Alternative to Silicone
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Clear Epoxy-Hybrid Liquid – An Alternative to Silicone

Epoxy can be a great alternative to silicone in lighting applications but up until now, most designers preferred silicone for its anti-yellowing durability.

SolEpoxy has developed OL10-1 which is a clear, epoxy-hybrid featuring the best anti-yellowing chemistry of any liquid epoxy on the market today. Testing by SolEpoxy and our lead users proves that OL10-1 is the clear encapsulant of choice for LED junction temperatures (Tj) up to 105OC.

On-top of being very expensive, silicone encapsulation presents these major problems:

OL10-1 cures hard, smooth and impermeable. It offers excellent adhesion to lead frames, reflectors and electronic components. In a material set with SolEpoxy’s bright white reflective molding compounds, OL10-1 forms an unbreakable bond.

Compared to silicone, OL10-1 is a clear liquid with high refractive index – higher than that of dimethyl silicone and nearly as high as expensive phenyl silicone. OL10-1 is stable at -20OC and it cures with high Tg, and low moisture absorption.

SolEpoxy formulated OL10-1 for mid-power LED applications such as:

  • LCD screen backlighting
  • General lightning with arrays of lower-cost mid-power LEDs
  • RGB LED lighting panels

Liquid Epoxy is Also Great for Rapid Prototyping and Light-Blocking:

Early adopters of SolEpoxy OL10-1 are using it for rapid prototyping new devices and in sensors where light blocking is required. OL10-1 accepts light-blocking additives for customized light band pass and since it’s cured properties are nearly identical to SolEpoxy’s top-performing OP1000 clear epoxy molding compound, you can use OL10-1 to prove your product concepts at low volume and then scale-up with OP1000.

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