SolEpoxy OL-Series: Rapid-prototyping; Easy scale-up.
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SolEpoxy OL-Series offers solutions for rapid-prototyping

SolEpoxy’s OP-Series of clear epoxy mold compounds are already an industry standard for encapsulation of optoelectronic devices such as LED emitters and light sensors. The OP-Series molding compound offers best-in-class features such as high transmittance from 400 to 1600nm, high refractive index and resistance to yellowing after heat aging and UV exposure.

But what do you do when you want to try something new?

Introducing SolEpoxy’s new fast prototyping product: OL10-1.

OL10-1 is a clear liquid one-part epoxy-hybrid encapsulation material. You can use OL10-1 to develop new devices quickly. Simply use dam-and-fill rapid prototyping methods to prove your product idea and increase your speed to market.

Then scale-up with an OP-series clear molding compound. Refractive index, light transmission and color stability is virtually identical between the OL and OP  series of products. Equally important, cured properties are also very similar allowing for an easy

SolEpoxy OL10-1 main applications:
  • Rapid prototyping for dam & fill style;
  • MAP molded QFN style packages
  • Mid-Power LED devices with a junction temperature (Tj) < 105°C;
  • Outdoor RGB SMT LED applications.

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