Class H Powder for motor iron
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SolEpoxy has developed two new Class H motor iron coating powders. Class H is required for high-torque, high temperature and critical duty motor applications.


The industry needs additional Class H choices because the currently available products fall short in terms of shelf stability and manufacturing productivity.

SolEpoxy’s well-respected Class F (UL 1446 system ratings) motor iron coating powders provide outstanding productivity and ease-of-use:

  • DK7-0953M sets the standard for bed-life in hot and humid factories in Mexico, Europe, South China and India.
  • DK15EG-05 is a fast-cure, low-cure-temperature epoxy coating powder that is also gasohol-resistant, suitable for in-tank fuel pumps.

We have applied these technologies for productivity in new formulations that feature improved high temperature durability. UL will complete system testing in 2017.