Clear Gray Encapsulation for High-Contrast RGB Displays
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Ever wonder how those giant outdoor displays have gotten so good?

Here's the secret:

  • They're made of thousands of tiny but bright LEDs - about the size of ground pepper!
  • Each package contains a red, green and blue LED chip
  • Each RGB LED is individually controlled to provide a single pixel of the display

It's amazing technology but it's vulnerable to mother nature. Sunlight and heat can degrade the LED packages. Dust can make the display appear dim.

Reflection can make the display appear "washed-out" and humidity can simply attack the LED chips, causing them to fail. The newest and best LED outdoor displays require new material solutions.

60% Clear; 100% Better

SolEpoxy offers a new "clear grey epoxy" to encapsulate and protect RGB LEDs.

  • Based on our world's best non-yellowing, water-clear epoxy technology
  • With clear grey additives to reduce reflection and heighten on/off contrast
  • And with additives to toughen the epoxy for PLCC and QFN manufacturability

Clear Grey does things that the best silicones and other epoxies just can't do:

  • Silicone is tacky, so it gets dusty and dim; Clear Grey epoxy is smooth.
  • Silicone is permeable to chemicals and humidity; epoxy protects better.
  • Other epoxies degrade and "yellow" rapidly in sunlight; SolEpoxy's OP-series of clear epoxy mold compounds are the world-standard for non-yellowing.

Figure 1: The words you're reading are on the paper beneath the 1mm thick samples

Lowered CTE, Tg and Moisture Absorption

RGB LED packages are produced in huge volumes so they need to be tough and durable throughout the manufacturing process. SolEpoxy's new clear grey epoxy meets the need:

  • CTE < 40 - this is best in class among transparent epoxy molding compounds!
  • Tg between 130C and 145C - high enough for strength, low enough for toughness
  • MSL 2a –capable low moisture absorption

And, light decay remains less than 30% after 3,000hr in 60°C/90% RH and continuously lit-up.

And, SolEpoxy's OP series of clear epoxy features great adhesion to metal lead frames and PCB.

Ask for a Sample

Contact us for a consultation and samples; SolEpoxy will work with you to develop a customized material because light transmission and color will depend upon epoxy thickness in your package design.