AL10-1 One-part epoxy solution to stainless steel brazing
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SolEpoxy ™  AL10-1 is a one-part adhesive developed to  be used as an  alternative to brazing  to produce  high  quality, clean joints without any of the cleaning steps  associated with the traditional brazing process.
Stainless steel is notoriously difficult to bond to, which  is why much attention was placed on  excellent flow and  very high adhesion to stainless steel —the properties  most critical to replace stainless steel brazing.
Compared to brazing, adhesives produce  cleaner joints  more quickly and more cost-effectively  since there are  no brazing or cleaning steps involved.
  • Very high adhesion to stainless steel and other metals
  • Balanced flow to get between joints yet not flow off them
  • CTE-matched to the substrates involved
AL10-1 is ideal for different metal type joints, or where brazing is not neither desired nor ideal.