DK50 Electrostatically sprayable, thin film, epoxy coating powder for motor housings and low voltage busbars
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DK50 is matte satin black epoxy coating powder developed for insulating motor housings and low voltage busbars.
This is one of the few products we offer that can be applied electrostatically, applying well in layers as thin as 2–5 mil (50– 125 mm). Although developed for cold parts, it has successfully been applied to preheated parts in greater film thicknesses.
The combination of thin layer, good dielectric strength, impact resistance, adhesion to most metal substrates, a UL RTI rating of 105°C, and a smooth, matte finish makes DK50 ideal as a cost-effective cosmetic and functional coating.
  • Electrostatically sprayable epoxy   
  • Relative Thermal Index (RTI) of 105°C 
  • Gloss, @ 60° angle: 63% 
  • Pencil hardness: 4H 
  • Cross Hatch Adhesion, 5B: 0% 
  • MEK Resistance, double rubs, maximum 10