MG33F-0520 Fast Cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound for tantalum capacitors and reed relays
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MG33F-0520 is a fast cure, solvent resistant epoxy mold compound with excellent adhesion to copper substrates, used on high temperature applications requiring low stress and high thermal conductivity.
MG33F-0520 also incorporates a “halogen containing” flame retardant which allows it to achieve a higher UL fammability rating with a lower thickness. For a “halogenfree” flame retardant alternative, please refer to MG33F-1000.
MG33F-0520 is used to make surface mount MnO2 tantalum (Ta) capacitors, reed relays, and other passive components requiring a fast-curing, flame-retardant containing compound.
  • Thermally conductive, up to 3.5 W/mK 
  • Low CTE for low stress and low warpage after post mold cure 
  • Designed for large and/or thin molded components needing thermal dissipation 
  • High Tg compound designed for higher temperature applications 
  • Used on devices with operating temperatures up to 200°C 
  • Designed for excellent adhesion and CTE-matched to ceramic and direct-bond copper (DBC)