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Liquid patch kits compliment SolEpoxy's broad epoxy coating powder offering

Busbar and power distribution systems can get damaged in use. The damage needs to be repaired, but it is neither cost-effective, nor practical to repair damaged busbars with epoxy coating powder.

SolEpoxy supplies a range of busbar patch kits which meet or exceed the dielectric requirements needed properly repair damaged busbars, and the kits will also color match with the epoxy coating powders we supply.

Key Application Considerations:

  • High dielectric strength
  • Applied as a liquid at room temperature
  • Color-matches the epoxy coating powder used

Key Material Properties:

  • Very high dielectric strength, meeting or exceeding electrical insulation requirements
  • Two-part epoxies can be stored and applied at room temperature
  • Available in red, black and tan to match epoxy coating powders