Large Bushing and High Voltage Applications
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Large Bushings or High Voltage Applications

SolEpoxy has been supplying epoxy mold compounds for the manufacture of large bushings for more than 30 years. Large bushings can require up to 5kgs of epoxy molding compound per shot for electrical insulation and protection.

Large bushings & other high voltage applications require electrical insulation & protection at low cost. SolEpoxy offers materials that are used on electrical switchgear including insulators and pole-mounted transformers.

Key Epoxy Mold Compound Application Requirements:

  • These epoxy mold compounds must demonstrate the best price-to-performance for applications that require excellent electrical insulation and protection at the best possible price
  • Materials must be strong, tough materials with excellent thermal cycle / thermal shock performance
  • Epoxy Molding Compounds must have good high temperature stability
  • They must maintains color stability at high operating temperatures
  • The materials require a UL 94 V-0 listing
  • SolEpoxy materials are proven compounds and have been used to make millions of bushings, and in some cases, requiring up to 5 kgs of material for a single mold shot