DK7-20H and DK15EG-05: Best affordability and productivity  Posted On 06/07/2018
The auto industry is hyper-competitive, pushing their factories for maximum productivity while pushing their suppliers for lower prices. SolEpoxy rose to this challenge with two of the world's most productive and affordable motor armature coating powders.
DK7-20H: The most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market  Posted On 16/05/2018
DK7-20H is our new, most cost-effective Class H formulation on the market today.
  • 12% more armatures per hour when run side-by-side on electrostatic fluid bed coating lines.
  • A Thermal Index of 186oC, higher than the competition and comfortably above 180oC for Class H.
  • Floor life greater than 3 months at 23oC; Storage life greater than 18 months at 10oC.

SolEpoxy coating powder technology 
SolEpoxy produces a range of fusion bonded epoxy powder coatings that provide environmental protection and electrical insulation in many power electrical applications.
Advantages of Epoxy Coating Powder over Mylar Sleeves  Posted On March 7th, 2016
Low & medium voltage busbars can be electrical insulated using either mylar sleeves or epoxy coating powder. Epoxy coating powder provides the following benefits over mylar:
  • It costs less than plastic per linear foot/meter
  • Epoxy has higher operating temperature
  • Epoxy can be used on Odd Shaped Parts
Solepoxy presents MH20-01 for Injection molding applications up to 220C  Posted On 08/14/2017
Injection molding applications require a mold compound with low viscosity, long spiral flow, fast cure time and high hot hardness.
MH20-2000: Strong like steel, light as plastic 
Why use steel when you can use a thermoset epoxy that is as strong as steel, but light as plastic.

SolEpoxy presents MH20-2000, a very tough epoxy mold compound that has nearly the same strength as steel, but with lighter weight.
MH20-2100: Strong like steel; Insulates like epoxy. 
MH20-2100 combines the best of three worlds:
  • The homogeneous strength of steel
  • The light-weight of fiberglass
  • The insulating power of epoxy
MH20-2100 is a fine, homogeneous molding compound that yields isotropic strength through both compression molding and transfer molding. It is capable of filling complex mold shapes and encapsulating small electronic components.
Team SolEpoxy rises to the Corporate Challenge 
Team SolEpoxy rallied to compete in the sixth annual Southern Tier Corporate Challenge Run/Walk and to set a new benchmark in the Olean Food Pantry Corporate Challenge for giving.
Innovation in Olean  Posted On 2/22/2016
SolEpoxy is restoring the "sol" of Hysol in Olean
  • Restoring the Hysol tradition
  • Focused on technology and customer service
  • New products, better processes, and a few new faces
SolEpoxy launches line of Optically Clear Encapsulants 
SolEpoxy's unique chemistry offers customers:
  • Cost-effective alternative to silicone
  • Optically clear liquids and mold compounds
  • High refractive index materials
Light Filtering Epoxy for Surface Mount Sensors  Posted On 09/14/2017
Optical sensors are used for a wide variety of consumer, automotive and industrial applications, such as smart phones, tablets, TVs, laptop computers, self-driving cars, health monitors, and bar code scanners.
SolEpoxy OP 1000 is the Standard for non-Yellowing Epoxy 
When designing a lighting environment, its important to know that the color will not change over time. When replacing an old lamp with a new one, it should not be obvious which unit was replaced.
SolEpoxy announces participation in the Polimotor 2 project to build an all-plastic engine block with a material as strong as steel yet as light as plastic. 
November 2016 SolEpoxy, a leading global supplier of high-performance epoxy composites, announced today that a variation of its MH20-2100 epoxy molding compound will be used as the engine block and oil pan in the second generation all-plastic engine project.
OL88-8 is the perfect clear encapsulant for outdoor RGB displays 

Beautiful and tough, LED billboards are a marvel of manufacturing skill. Similar to consumer devices like smartphones and flat-screen TVs, outdoor LED displays have gone high-def (HDTV). But unlike consumer devices, these displays need to be rugged they live outside, afterall!

Epoxy with light filter technology to replace traditional but expensive bandpass filters 
Optical Filters are used to transmit a preselected-portion of the light spectrum while rejecting all other wavelengths. So why would you want to do that? There are a many applications that use this technology including proximity and gesture sensors, data transmitters, feedback lasers and optical instruments.